Saturday, October 21                 1-2 pm       2-3 pm       3-4 pm


                                                      ALL ABOARD

.                                      ALL TIME SLOTS ARE SOLD OUT


In 2023, Southampton will be 100 years old and still thriving

             and ………...   Mister McKinney’s History Bus will be arriving!


Cross obsessive historical knowledge about Houston’s past with the showmanship of P.T. Barnum, toss in an open-air school bus, and you have Mister McKinney — the founder and brand ambassador of Mister McKinney’s Historic Houston.  Education, particularly for students, is McKinney’s tag line: “Ensuring Houston’s future doesn’t forget its past.”


Mister McKinney is a model for the self-made and civic-minded. In less than 20 years, he has turned  theater studies at the University of Houston and facility manager gigs at the Alley Theatre and Theatre Under The Stars into a widely hailed role as an educator and scholar — the dapper resource for Houston history, its personages and kingmakers, landmarks and residences. For any neighborhood, he can spin anecdotes from vanished decades.  


Well folks, with 100 years of history, it’s time for Southampton to step up and have our own bus tour!  You’re invited to ride Mister McKinney’s bus on Saturday, October 21. Our bus stories will feature Houston’s first all-electric house, Tangley’s French Consulate, our whistle blower and the fall of Enron, history of Fleming Park, famous women and suffragettes and other, infamous stories; one about ghosts and another involving a swat team. 


But wait there’s more you say?  Send us your stories, anecdotes and items of interest that we can add to the bus tour.  Send us photos to create blow-ups to show during the tour. Send what you have to joefischer01@gmail.com and we’ll make Southampton’s bus tour even more memorable.


The tour is free to Southampton residents and seats will go fast. We offer 3 time slots: 1-2 pm, 2-3 pm, and 3-4 pm. The bus only holds 20 passengers so be sure to reserve your seats in the desired time slot. Each reservation is limited to 2 seats. 

Reservations may be made by clicking here.  Reservations begin May 15.