Chris Amandes     713-523-7422
Waste/Recycling   (Kathie Easterly)
Administrative & Liaison  (Chris Amandes)
Southampton Newsletter & Website (Kathie Easterly)

(1) Trees for Southampton   
Committee members will be primarily involved in the periodic tree-planting campaigns; identify needs and make arrangements for tree maintenance and pruning as appropriate; assist residents in identifying hazards to trees caused by construction and other adverse environmental factors. Committee members may also be involved in aspects of the neighborhood related to land use; including but not limited to revitalization and future land use projects, standards, etc.    Click here for information regarding maintenance of trees.  Chair:  Mary Hawkins   713 630-0053 or
Kathie Easterly  713-523-7422
Mike Bell, Chair
These committees are responsible for enforcing deed restrictions and for overseeing legal matters.  Please bring any suspected violations or other legal issues to the attention of the committee chair or to the Southampton office. 
(1) Enforcement & Plan Review   Chair Needed
(2) Ashby High Rise   (Chris Amandes)
Chair Needed
The I & U committee addresses issues concerning the physical infrastructure of the neighborhood such as sewer, water, curbs and gutters, street and alley paving and design, utilities, street lighting, traffic control and general transportation issues. Committee members may also coordinate with the city's Department of Public Works and council member offices.  
Other Neighborhood Organizations Not Sponsored by SHCC:

Friends of the Southampton Esplanades
This group is not an SHCC sponsored committee, and is open to all residents.  Committee members facilitate the maintenance of turf, watering system and curbs of the Sunset Boulevard esplanade, maintain surveillance to identify persons damaging esplanade, coordinate watering system repairs, and assist with annual fundraising.   Chair: Cathy Blum, 713-522-1931.

Friends of Fleming Park
This committee assists the Friends of Fleming Park with social events including the Halloween Party and annual Park Party in May.   President:  Sarah Beth Seifert
Southampton/BOCA Patrol Service 
Southampton residents _________ and Lyman Paden serve as Southampton representatives on the Southampton/BOCA Patrol Service Board of Directors.  Patrol car number is 713-825- 5555.