A primary responsibility of the Southampton Civic Club is to ensure that construction complies with the Deed Restrictions.  All construction, whether new or remodeling of existing structures, can be affected by the Deed Restrictions.  The Club has established a Plan Review process to assist architects, contractors, and residents as they plan for and execute construction projects.
In 2011, H.B. 1821, which amended the Texas Property Code, became law.  This bill provides that a property owners' association (which may include the Civic Club) "shall file all dedicatory instruments in the real property records".  It goes on to say that a "dedicatory instrument has no effect until the instrument is filed in accordance with this section."  Accordingly, prior to year end 2011 the Civic Club filed the notice of the Deed Restrictions Summary.  The notice can be viewed by clicking here.  
Southampton’s Plan Review Committee provides a valuable service by reviewing plans to ensure their compliance with the Southampton Place Restrictions Summary prior to construction. Routine maintenance projects and/or interior remodeling projects such as painting or updating existing kitchens or bathrooms do not require plan review. However, please submit your plans to the Southampton Plan Review Committee   if you are contemplating new construction or a renovation or addition that:
• changes the footprint of the house or other structures on the property
• encloses an existing porch or garage
• extends the house or other structures on the property over a property setback line through cantilevering a new structure
• adds a new story to the house or other structures on the property
• alters the roofline or otherwise alters the roof structure of the house or other structures on the property
• constructs anything in violation of the Southampton Place Deed Restrictions Summary
Please contact us via email with any questions and to find out where to drop off your plans. Southampton Civic Club does not have the resources to print the plans at the drawn scale; therefore, please do not submit your plans by email in PDF format. Plans should include:
2. your site's existing legal survey (usually a letter-size drawing)
3. architectural plans that show the proposed site plan with building setbacks clearly dimensioned and gas meter location, floor plan of each level, exterior elevations with the overall building height dimension from grade level, and the locations of any new or rebuilt fences.
If your plans comply with the deed restrictions, you will be issued a letter of compliance with the deed restrictions that will greatly expedite obtaining your city building permit.
There is no fee for plan review. As you plan your project, please refer to A Manual for Construction Projects for Southampton Place which is provided as a helpful guide.