A Brief History of Southampton

1923 to 2023


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Southampton Yellow Bus Tour


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Back In The Day



     Southampton Real Estate Archives


Here are samples from the real estate sections of Houston’s three newspapers for new homes in Southampton. Before homes were built, the lots were marketed by developer E. H. Fleming after he obtained funding for $1,197,900 in 1923 for their acquisition and development. Below are some of the list prices for lots:

  • 2126 Tangley 5,800 s/f         $  1,500
  • 2006 Rice 24,300 s/f            $10,000
  • 2002 Albans 7,200 s/f          $  2,250
  • 2108 Sunset  9,100 s/f         $  3,100
  • 2005 Wroxton 6,600 s/f        $  1,575


Real Estate Archives



Southampton Marketing Archives


Here is a selection of ads used to promote Southampton in the 1920’s.  Marketing materials also included the following details:


         Concrete paved alleys will extend along the rear of every homesite in Southampton.  All      
          improvements, such as water, light, gas and sewage, will be brought in through these alleys. 
          Heavy traffic and deliveries will be made through them, and residents of Southampton will not        
          have unsightly garbage cans occupying places along the fronts of their homes. Other  

          restrictions bear on the character and prices of homes to be erected, and their uniform        
          distances from the property line, both front and sides.  Nothing has been overlooked that will

          ensure Southampton homeowners a wonderfully satisfactory neighborhood in which to live.


People had to be convinced to move to this new development. Hindsight is everything isn’t it?



Marketing Images