Event Sponsors -

Cathy Blum, Greenwood King Properties – Centennial Lecture Series

Debbie and Mark Gregg – Southampton Garden Tour

Jumper Maybach, LLC - History Bus Tours

New Leaf Real Estate - Sip and Stroll or Walk and Roll

Sheridan and John Eddie Williams - Southampton Book, Vol. I & II

Anonymous- Centennial Flags


Grande Finale Birthday Celebration Sponsors

AOC Selections (Liz and Paul Palmer)

8th Wonder Brewery and Distillery (Juli and Sean Rosenbaum)

Dolores Cavatore and John Tobola

Linda and Bob Ittner

Penny Nicholson and Dennis Powell

Tom Young and Steve Nall

Sheridan and John Eddie Williams


$3000 - $5000

Katherine and Chris Amandes


Cathy Blum, Greenwood King Properties

Debbie and Mark Gregg

Jumper Maybach, LLC

Susan and Alan Rafte



Laura Bellows and Jack Pendergrast

Chinhui Juhn and Eddie Allen

Anne and Jim Muntz

New Leaf Real Estate


$1000 - $2500

AOC Selections (Liz and Paul Palmer)

8th Wonder Brewery and Distillery (Juli and Sean Rosenbaum)

The Cavatore/Tobola Family

The Rita and Bob Cook Family

Janie and Dick DeGuerin

Alison Duncan

Linda and Bob Ittner

Ann and Jim Jackson

Pattie and Jonathan Kraft

Will, Carolyn, and Hannah Luedtke

Julie and John Lynch

Patti Melcher

Penny Nicholson and Dennis Powell

Kathleen and David Nuzzo

Lana Rigsby and John Powell 

Tom Young and Steve Nall


$500 - $1000

Melanie Brunner

Janet Clark

Anne and John Clutterbuck

Joe Fischer and Larry Johnson

Jo and Jim Furr

Southampton Garden Club

The Landowski Family

Marcia Murphey and Douglas Koch

Lilane and Cesar Nahas

Brynn and Bradley Olsen

Laura Spanjian and Susan Christian


$250 - $500

Kit and Leslie Ashby

Elizabeth Babin and Jeff Carlson

Dana and Ron Bankston

Maya and Alex Berkovich

Judy Blissard and William Streng

Nancy Bolduc

Kathrin Brunner and Albert Pope

Jeanine and Randy Buckley

Melissa and Matt Bueninck

The Butkus Family

Joseph Chen and Regina Lewis

Barbara Clark and Edgar Bering

Helen and Ben Cohen

Kate and Trey Cornelius

Kaley and Alan Crane

Joanne and Gabe Cuadra

Leslie Barry Davidson and W. Robins Brice

Barbara and Jonathan Day

Jean and Erik Eriksson

Nora Dobin and Chris Wolfe

Lucinda and Brad Fleming

Layne and Jonathan Frels

Layne O. Gentry

Karen and Larry George

Ginger and Phillip Gobe

Nonya and Jonathan Grenader

Allison and Michael Hay

Martie and Brian Herrick

Sydney and Kirk Jelinek

The Jorgensen Family

Diane Kaplan

Andrea and Giles Kibbe

Patricia and Bryan Lane

Andrea and Tim Lee

Evangeline and Peter Macintosh

Nancy Manderson

Kay and Clark Martin

Stephanie and Darin Mast

Amy and Jerry Masters

Julie and Rob McGarr

Susan and Bill Merriman

Richard Michel

Marcia and Mike Nichols

Jennifer and Lyman Paden

Dorina Papageorgiou and James Cargas

Sarah Patel and Richard Stoneburner

Shirley and William Redwine, M.D.

Mary and Ron Robins

Clio and Romain Rouaud-Watson

Cyndy and Howard Schmerin

Marguerite and Jerry Schutza

Carrie Shoemake

Sarah Beth and Paul Siefert

Adrienne and Will Stokes

Merri and Michael Vogel

Katherine Warren JD/Sotheby's

Judi and Art Washburn

Robert Weiner

Doris A. Williams and Jeff E. Ross

The Zdeblick Family


$25 - $250

Ainsley and Brent Babin

Elizabeth and Ken Byrd

Phyllis and Tom Carney
Natalye L. Appel and John J. Casbarian

Ellen and Jim Chandler

Deborah Clark and Kirk Sprunger

Shannon and Nino Corbett

Elizabeth and James Gerson

Laura and Jonathan Goddard

Carol Graebner and Scott DeBold

Debbie and Bill Hanna

Faye Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lee

Harriet and Whitney Leavell

Florence and John Lewis

Joshua Martin

Bonnie and Bill Miller

Janet and Tim Peters

Sylvia and John Ross

Debbie and Ted Schultz

Christina and Myron Sheinfield

Jeanette and Frank Stokes

Melinda and Sam Stubbs

Jo Tamalis

Iris. G. Todd

Caroline Delpapa Tonisi and Dan T. Simpson

Riki Weinstein and Daniel Morrison

Thomas F. Wright

Carrie and Tom Wood

Katie and Jamie Yarbrough





                Southampton Centennial Celebration Underwriting Levels*



                                                             Exceptional Supporter -       $7500    **

                                                              (Gift- Nike shirt, t-shirt, golf cap & yard sign)


                                                             Super Supporter -                 $5000    **  

                                                              (Gift- Nike shirt, golf cap & yard sign) 


                                                             Sensational Supporter -        $2500   ** 

                                                               (Gift- Nike shirt & yard sign)  


                                                             Stellar Supporter -                 $1000    

                                                              (Gift- Golf cap or T-shirt & yard sign)


                                                             Fantastic Supporter -            $ 750    

                                                             (Gift- Golf cap & yard sign)


                                                             Generous Supporter -            $ 500    

                                                             (Gift- Golf cap or T-shirt)


                                                             Valued Supporter -                $  250    

                                                             (Gift- Yard sign)


                                                                              Other -          $____________



                                                          Event Underwriting


                                   Sold     Finale Birthday Party Underwriter  -       $3500   **

                                                            (Gift- Nike shirt, golf cap)


                                            Sold     Sip & Stroll or Walk & Roll -      $3500   **

                                                            (Gift- Nike shirt, golf cap)                                    


                                             Sold    Lecture Series Underwriter -    $3000    **

                                                            (Gift- Nike shirt, golf cap)


                                             Sold     Garden Tour Underwriter -       $3000   **                                                         

                                                             (Gift- Nike shirt, golf cap)

                                              Sold    Bus Tours Underwriter -           $3200    **

                                                            (Gift- Nike shirt, golf cap)


                                              Sold    Flag Underwriter -                      $4000    **

                                                            (Gift- Nike shirt, golf cap)                                                                                               


  * Underwriters will be acknowledged in printed material by level of giving

**  For amounts $2500 and above, the contributors’ names will be placed on our Honor Banner    
     displayed at all events.         


To make a donation or underwrite an event click here.




                                    IN - KIND DONATIONS


                AOC Selections                                                                         Rice University, Shepherd School of Music

                Baileson Brewing Company- Sarah Pope & Adam Cryer         Southampton Garden Club

                Picnic/Raven Grill- Sara & Rob Cromie                                     Stephen Fox

                Western Bling- Russ Willis                                                         Stephen Klineberg

                Vinology bottle shop + tasting bar                                             Liz Palmer 

                Kronberg Flags                                                                           Jim Parsons                                                                                                                                                                                                             
                Virtuoso Graphics LLC                                                               Lana Rigsby

                Anvil Cards - J.C. Woods                                                           Chris Amandes

                Kathie Easterly                                                                            Pia Puno, Graphic Artist

                David “Bear” Holle, OSO Promotions                                        Fred C. Rogers, Photographer