Sip & Stroll or Walk & Roll

   Sunday, October 1, 2023     
9-11 AM

Start/Finish at Fleming Park


 Generously sponsored by





Gather your family and friends of all ages to view the neighborhood as you take a Sip & Stroll or Walk & Roll.

This event is for the entire family including those furry ones on four legs. The neighborhood will come alive as neighbors meet at Fleming Park and wind their way through the streets of Southampton on a selected route of approximately 1.2 miles (or just hang out at Fleming Park).  

As you Sip & Stroll or Walk & Roll along the route, there will be 4 water stops to provide a little refreshment, waving hands and cheering fans.


A brightly colored train will follow along to pick up stragglers or those who simply want to ride.


Finishing the event back at Fleming Park, there will be high fives, refreshments (breakfast tacos, doughnuts, and hot Starbucks coffee), music, and more train rides. Texas Wildlife Center will provide some critters and education and each family or single participant will take home a tree seedling to plant in commemoration of Southampton’s Centennial Celebration. Plant and nurture these seedlings in a special place and they will grow tall and strong for the next generation of Southampton families.





                                                                                   The 1.2 mile route - start and finish in Fleming Park                                                              




The train will ride the route and then give rides around Fleming Park afterward.  Texas Wildlife Center will be at Fleming Park to educate us about Texas Wildlife.  Take home a tree seedling to nurture and grow.







Watch this Website and E-Blasts for more information - light rain or sunshine the event will happen (hazardous whether we will reschedule).